93. Simplicity

Julia showed up to school three days and four hours late during lunch break.

When she crossed the quad the place was bustling in full bloom. The line at the school store wasn’t too long so she decided to get a Hershey’s bar. While waiting she leaned against the dirty brick wall and grazed her eyes over the crowd of students.

Somewhere in the middle of the quad she spotted Trevor and Riley. She saw his beautifully blissful smile as the two spoke to each other. Julia wanted to hate him but every time she tried to, it only made her hate herself. She saw Riley too and Julia’s utter confidence that Riley loved Julia wholly was compromised.

After a moment, Trevor stood and gave Riley a sweet, innocent kiss before walking away. Julia continued to watch the girl, knowing that’s all she’d be able to do now.

And when Riley’s head turned to hers, like Julia’s heart was a drum, beating for attention, Julia should have turned away. But she couldn’t, didn’t even want to.

From here Julia saw Riley’s eyes were just as soft and kind as she remembered them.

Riley lifted her arm, her motions stuttering in uncertainty, in a feeble wave of ‘hi’.

Julia smiled and did the same. She would just have to remind herself this was better than nothing.


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