59. Challenged

Julia had never been this close to Trevor before. So close she could almost see his anger become physical foam at the corners of his mouth.

“You had your chance Julia and you fucked it up. Stay the fuck away from us.”

“Then tell your girlfriend to stop stalking me.”

She said girlfriend in the most condescending tone, a mockery of what he had worked so hard for.

“Stop giving her reasons to! Homework, Julia? Really? Is that the best thing you could come up with?”

Julia shrunk back slightly because it did seem kind of desperate. But she blamed her irrationality on the overdose of chocolate she had that morning.

“Stop deluding yourself Trevor. We’ve been through this before.”

Trevor could feel his rage turning him into a monster. Making him think thoughts only the sinister believed in. However, at that moment he pushed his morals aside and let his ego devour him for once. He had taken Julia’s shit for a major portion of his life and all the times he had turned the other cheek were catching up to him and building. Her stare begged for a challenge and he was ready to punish and destroy.


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