60. Exhaustion

Julia dug her hand into her hair and propped her head up in an effort to stay awake. She’d just been kicked out of Riley’s house (on the one damn occasion she could convince Riley to let her stay the night her father had come home). Julia explicitly explained to the guy the reason she was only in a bra and underwear laying on top of a fully clothed Riley because it was too damn hot in her room and Riley was much more comfortable than the practically hardwood mattress she slept on.

She didn’t feel like going home so she stopped by the diner instead and to her surprise found Nathan at the booth in the back corner.

“Did your midnight cravings hit?” she asked, sliding in the booth opposite him and picking up a menu.

“It’s 4 AM.”

“Tom-a-toes, to-mah-toes.”

She threw the menu down, everything suddenly seeming unappetizing.

“This relationship shit is exhausting.”

Nathan laughed as he looked at his grumpy ex.

“You mean being monogamous?”

“I mean everything.”

Nathan kept in his sigh but refused to look at the girl.

“But it’s nice right?”

Julia observed his avoiding eyes.

“Whatever,” she said.

It’s not like he would ever know she was lying.


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