76. Summer Haze

The air is so thick she has to breathe through her mouth to fill her lungs. Her bangs feel grimy, sticking to her sweat licked forehead.

She walks to the kitchen for hydration, each movement of her limbs releasing another bead of sweat from her skin.

The cool refrigerator provides some relief and takes her mind off the humidity she must face once she closes the doors. When she does and turns to press her back into the frig, she closes her eyes.

Outside, Julia watches Riley secretly with a cigarette dangling from her mouth. She thinks it stupid how Trevor’s parents never invested in blinds. Any perv can just walk up and see the entire kitchen. But that doesn’t matter today, not when at a certain angle (if Julia tilts her head just a little to the left) Riley looks like she’s enjoying something other than the cool of the refrigerator.

Taking a long drag, she lets out a curious ‘hmph’ at her own thoughts.

And attributes them to brain altering effects of the summer heat.


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