She nibbles on her sandwich, not particularly hungry but she’s so nervous she needs to do something with her hands. She takes out a baby carrot from her zip lock bag and nibbles on that as well.

The branches of a deciduous tree bellow and strain above her as the wind shakes a few weak leaves astray. She watches the movement; mesmerized at how such a powerful mass can be swayed by something she can’t even see.

So mesmerized that she doesn’t see the boy who stands next to her.

“Lose a kite or something?”

She’s spooked by this sudden invasion but his smile is disarming.

“No, I was just…” She doesn’t explain, because being mesmerized by trees would most likely categorize her as a weirdo at her new school. The boy doesn’t look like he needs any more words anyways.

“I’m Trevor,” he says with that ceaseless smile and an extended hand.

She nods and slips her small hand into his gentle palm, “Riley.”


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